A Forgotten FlameAdmins, rollbacks, and BureaucratsAdmins, rollbacks, and Bureaucrats.
Another Soul Had Been ClaimedArtworkBlue's Tears
C O W A R DCubone's RevengeDiscussion/help page
Escape from Lavender TownForever MineI Won't Leave You
Just wanted a chanceMad LoveMy diance theory ~sample~
Perish SongPokemon Dead ChannelPokemon Dimond (kills)
Pokemon Multiverse TheoryPokemoneverafter WikiPokepastas
Rules and guidelinesStoriesTarnished gold
The Espurr in the WindowThe False Prophet (drabble)The Shining Consequences
TheoriesUnown. the best part of death.Why did you go?
File:312832.jpgFile:ALL SECRETS REVEALED (Good Ending) Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Part 6File:Awesomelucario.jpeg
File:Blue tears by draikinator-d30p0pq.jpgFile:Celebi used perish song by keronaxd-d3iqnbk.jpgFile:Chibilegendarys.jpeg
File:Chibimeouth Pokemon.jpegFile:Chibipika.jpegFile:Colorful-Pokemon-Wallpaper-Legend.jpg
File:Dark-pokemon.jpegFile:Eerie Espurr.pngFile:Eeveelution2.jpeg
File:Eeveenorm.jpegFile:Frostpokeball1.jpegFile:Game Theory- Game Theory's video on this theory
File:Give em a thundahbolt by crayon chewer-d7uhf6m.png.jpegFile:Headphonepika.jpegFile:IceCave Lucario vs Mewtwo by postbote ais.jpg
File:Images.jpgFile:Imgres.jpgFile:Mewtwo vs lucario final version by dragonflare36-d5vuqrr.png
File:Pikachu.jpegFile:Pikachu laying on the grass by kori7hatsumine-d7ra902.pngFile:PokePasta - "I am Not a Clone"
File:Pokeball.pngFile:Pokeball wallpaper v2 by th3m4g0-d5mksjf.pngFile:Pokemon876.jpeg
File:Pokemon pokeball-16.pngFile:Pokepasta.jpegFile:Pokepasta - "Super Creepy Pokémon Hack"
File:Santapika.jpegFile:Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 11.44.01 AM.pngFile:Shiny eevee by yuzkiv-d5m7bkb.jpg
File:The pokeball of lucario by wazzy88-d5bbnwd.jpgFile:Vaporeon.jpegFile:Warfstache Plays Slender

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