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Oc school rp

this is a school roleplay. here is the charicters list

Simon, orange tabby. he has phycic abilities and he is brave. He also has nine lives. his fear is to die.

Prophoenixfire uses Simon

Draco, black dragon with spikes, he can breath fire and fly. If he goes into water or drinks to much water he will die. he is scared to fall from hights. (not afraid of flying only falling)

Prophoenixfire uses Draco

Star, lucario. He is very athletic, can use pokemon moves, and can jump high. His fear is loosing everything.

Imtheaura uses Star

Rem, fat grey cat. gym teacher, nothing more, nothing less.

Imtheaura uses rem

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simon "it was sad star"

yeah.. i have to agree.. (looks at draco) are you okay?

"y-y-ya" draco says as he crys


(pats back as star hugs him) its okay draco... its okay... *pat* *pat*

(crying) "i-i-I MISS HER" (crying more)

simon says "it's ok draco you date someone better" "star calm draco down the best you can" simon wispers to star

(puts arm aound draco) Lets go get some icecream draco.

draco  sobs "o-o-ok"

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